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The activity of Pannon Building Energetics also facilitates the cost-efficient and environmentally-conscious operation of office buildings and offices.

It is typical of the domestic real estate market

that renting activity is mainly motivated by cost reduction efforts. According to this, the lessors and owners of office buildings are more and more often forced to reduce rental fees. Another feature is that there is an insignificant difference in the rental fees of modern office buildings and office buildings built before 2010. The operation cost of buildings equipped with modern reading devices can be as little as the half or one-third of the properties that were built earlier!

When choosing an office building, the lessee takes into consideration two cost factors:

the rental fee and the operational costs. On the one hand, conscious, energy-efficient operation increases the satisfaction of the existing lessees and, on the other hand, it will become attractive for new lessees, as well since operational costs can decrease by as many as 20 to 50 %. As a result, the owners of office buildings built before 2010 are also advised to move towards development, i.e. minimize costs regarding energy utilization.

With the help of its building energy services, Pannon Building

provides cost control for the energy utilization and operational costs of office buildings. The basic aim of our energy assessments is cost optimization. By comparing investment costs, return periods and saving amounts, multiple-panel energy assessments assign developmental priorities for the sake of conscious and rational decision making. Furthermore, and apart from this, they result in significant cost saving and financing solutions. In our experience, among energy investments, the shortest return period is obtained by installing the Energy Control System.

Programme parts of an Energy-Conscious Office Building established in order to achieve energy saving independent of consumption and energy provider:

  • Energy Consumption Assessment
  • Installation of the Energy Control System
  • Analysis of Energy costs

Step 1: Energy Consumption Assessment

In the course of the examination, we are looking for saving possibilities hidden in the contracts and bills that can provide funds for the implementation of the further steps of the Programme. On the one hand, we are searching for items that can be reclaimed from the energy provider; and on the other hand, we are making proposals for developments, with the help of which we can achieve further saving. In the course of the examination of the energy consumption, we cover the following areas:

  • examination of the justification of fixed performance;
  • examination of the use of restrictive automation;
  • optimization of rate classification according to system usage fee;
  • examination of reactive power use;
  • introducing developments resulting in further saving.

What we will need: gas and electricity contracts; consumption data for the previous period (12 to 36 months). In case these are not available, with an authorization, we obtain the necessary data from the service provider. A consent to technical site inspection is required from the facility or property management.

Step 2: Installation of Energy Control System

In the building, we have established an Energy Control System in order to implement the measurement of real-time monitoring and detailed consumption data. The system is based on a 15-minute automated reading of the energy consumption of the main building parts (blocks, floors, rentals, kitchen etc.). The data collected this way can be queried via Internet or an internal network, arbitrarily and can be displayed graphically.

The detailed consumption data provided this way guarantee the possibility to carry out an energy analysis and to take measures directed towards cost reduction. "Owner’s presence" ensured by the system results in a significant saving in energy consumption by itself.

Step 3: An Analysis of Energy Costs

Energy consumption assessment and the installation of Energy Control System makes it possible to prepare an energy analysis for the building and the rentals, and to make proposals, as well as to take measures, both resulting in cost reduction.

An Analysis of the Building’s Energy Consumption

Objective: the reduction of energy costs spent on building operation.

Based on: the installation of the Energy Control System serving the collection of detailed consumption data.

Results: making specific proposals regarding the building’s energy cost reduction, paying special attention to initiatives free of investment costs.

An Analysis of the Energy Consumption of Rentals

Objective: establishment of efficient cooperation between lessee and operator in order to optimize energy costs.

Based on: the installation of the Energy Control System serving the collection of detailed consumption data.

Results: enhancing the lessees’ satisfaction, reduction of energy costs, as well as strengthening the attempts of the lessees directed towards accountancy based on real consumption.


In the current market environment, the Programme for Energy-Conscious Office Buildings is beneficial to all players.

Beneficial for the owners, because cost-efficient operation provides competitive advantage to them regarding rental and realizing their revenues.

Beneficial for the operator, because they receive up-to-date information regarding expenditures, the operational costs can be tracked and, this way, a permanent supervision is guaranteed to them.

Beneficial for the lessee, because they receive customized proposals in order to reduce their energy costs.

Beneficial for the environment, because the energy-conscious Office Building Programme greatly supports the protection of our environment, as well as a radical reduction of energy utilization. It prioritizes the possibility of introducing energy-saving technologies.

It supports the international qualification system and it has a positive impact on users’ habits. It is an excellent tool in the hands of building operators, since it enables training lessees to energy-consciousness and forming the general environmental approach.

Compared to the international qualification standards, the Energy-Conscious Office Building Programme especially emphasizes the reduction of energy costs.

What does the Energy-Conscious Office Building Programme offer to you?

  • It ensures permanent owner’s presence regarding operation, with the help of an online interface,
  • It supports the sales process regarding rental (marketing),
  • It facilitates cost-efficient operation,
  • It enhances lessee’s satisfaction – accountancy based on real consumption, resulting in immediate cost-saving.
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